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Yuehai Ticketing SecretaryBOTMay 23, 2021 11:59 PM
@Terrapin - mona-c1 As an author, It is your responsibility to complete the ticket - Take advice constructively - NO disrespectful behavior - The ticket will be scrapped if: No activity > 1 week or open for > 1 mo. - When done, type $close
Theory/Finding/Bug: Title of your submission Evidence: Explanations with calculations and/or Youtube/Imgur proofs Significance: Conclusion
TerrapinMay 24, 2021 12:07 AM
Finding: Mona's c1 buff only appears to apply to your own party members in coop, and not other players. Evidence: Coop Play: As shown in the video, Sucrose's Hydro Swirl is not changed from 3512 damage when a c1 Mona applies Omen. Fischl's 1230 Electro-charged damage is not changed, but Mona's 1172 Electro-charged damage increases to 1326. Single Player: ( Video courtesy of <@!380674377655779329> ) Venti's Hydro Swirl does 1157 damage without the buff, and 1255 with it. Significance: Mona's c1 does not work party-wide in coop.(edited)
Mona c1 test
Mona c1 test 2
Yuehai Ticketing SecretaryBOTMay 24, 2021 12:08 AM
Ticket Closed by @Terrapin
OrodalfMay 24, 2021 12:21 AM
Please specify "other party members in Co-Op," as it does apply to other party members you control(edited)
Yuehai Ticketing SecretaryBOTMay 24, 2021 12:36 AM
Ticket Opened by @Neptunya | return to ticket hell
TerrapinMay 24, 2021 12:41 AM
Can you post proof of this please
OrodalfMay 24, 2021 12:44 AM
It's the Evidence Vault link I had originally replied with
TerrapinMay 24, 2021 12:46 AM
Yeah that test was with Vaporize, I was checking to see if the other reactions were treated differently.
Another c1 Mona user was able to give video evidence which helped.
Yuehai Ticketing SecretaryBOTMay 24, 2021 12:46 AM
Ticket Closed by @Terrapin
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GenesisMay 24, 2021 12:57 AM
To clarify, the vids and tests were conducted by <@!125319572881408000> not myself. I noticed the conversation in tc chat and wanted to check a couple similar things related to c1 Mona (which I do not have) and so asked sleepy to send me a few recordings which I then conveyed(edited)
Full credit for the same goes to them
PseunomiaJun 2, 2021 9:16 PM
does c4 work in coop?
xf3 | 🐬T̷O̷T̶S̷U̷G̷E̴K̴I̵🐬Jun 14, 2021 10:28 PM
verifying this for c1, if any1 can provide evidence for c4 put it in here or create another ticket if this ticket is deleted
k!tc 125319572881408000
KeqingBOTJun 14, 2021 10:28 PM
Added Wangsheng Theorycrafter to <@125319572881408000>!
Yuehai Ticketing SecretaryBOTJun 17, 2021 8:13 AM
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