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Yuehai Ticketing SecretaryBOTJun 15, 2021 7:06 PM
@Greyhound | Cryo Currency Dealer - Cursed Terrain Invisible water layer As an author, It is your responsibility to complete the ticket - Take advice constructively - NO disrespectful behavior - The ticket will be scrapped if: No activity > 1 week or open for > 1 mo. - When done, type $close
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Greyhound | Cryo Currency DealerJun 15, 2021 7:15 PM
Theory: Genshin's water is coded in a way where the visual water and actual layer are separate, thus there is an invisible field of water that does not apply wet in random places of the world, but can be infused Evidence: 1. Invisible water being infused by anemo mc: Invisible water being infused by sucrose: credits to @ishnu 2. Invisible water infused by electro: 3. Water hitbox&reactions from UNDER the water, UNDER the ocean: Significance: Understanding the cursed overworld of Teyvat(edited)
Invisible water infusion
invisible water?
Electrified water body infusion
Under the Ocean
This ticket is an extension of Cursed Terrain Sister ticket with: #cursed-terrain-world-levels #genshin-has-2d-water #cursed-terrain-electrified-environment-reaction <#854441186256355348> Credits for major help with the project to @Mol | anemo fan(edited)
Greyhound | Cryo Currency DealerJun 15, 2021 8:45 PM
Please don't kill me editors rooBooli1
Yuehai Ticketing SecretaryBOTJun 15, 2021 8:45 PM
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xf3 | CLOSE TICKETSJun 17, 2021 6:14 AM
what the fuck
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fishing with childeJun 23, 2021 7:53 PM
working on pr
Yuehai Ticketing SecretaryBOTJun 23, 2021 7:54 PM
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